In general, service is a PRODUCT.  Our product, service, could be better aptly named: CONFIDENCE.  We seek to create a sense of Confidence in the customer (internal and external) that we will find an efficient solution to the issue. In order to create Confidence, we focus on what we “Can” achieve.  If this does not solve the customer’s problem, we seek alternatives that “Do” solve their needs.  This is, “the partnership” aspect that separates us from other Histology/ Pathology Scientific Lab Equipment Servicing Firms. 

 At all levels of our firm, every member is empowered to find the, “Yes” that we can achieve, and that will make our partners (the customer, vendor, etc.) happy they have chosen to partner with us.  The quality of our product, Confidence, is judged by three factors:  1) Impact upon customer from time of discovery for service need to completion of service to resolve the problem.  2) Fixing the problem right the first time.  3)  Did service resolve the problem from the point of the immediate problem, and the more global causation of fault in the first place.  We call #3 the five whys to problem solving, and this is well documented always in our service reports, that are provided at the conclusion of every service.

How do we reduce the impact on the customer when Confidence needs to be restored? First, we reduce the hurdles the customer must jump over to get to service.  Our customers have immediate access to the Service Engineer they have grown to trust in.  Second, we reduce all the road blocks that impede the time to react to a problem.  Yes, some customers desire a P.O. so that THEY may allocate the funds.  Others do not.  Each customer is unique, as is their P.O. requirements.   As partners we work to respect this as a customer need, otherwise our PARTNERS are treated with trust that they will do their part too.  We focus on SERVICE to them, and the rest works out as it should.

How do we fix the problem right the first time?  This requires several aspects.  First, we trend parts usage required to solve problems and we work to maintain that need on hand.  Second, we train our staff to know the products, their intended operation and applications influences, and the consumables and how these affect the product. 

How do we solve the problem to its greater causation, and fully restore Confidence?   We first seek to troubleshoot the problem.  This means, we identify what works and what does not in simplest terms.  From here we correct what doesn’t work.  Sometimes this means repair and sometimes replacement.  Once the problem is resolved, the five whys approach begins.  We ask, why did it break?  Was it caused by how it is used?  If so, why is it being used in that matter?  Is this a work around for another problem?  Are the consumables used made to the expectations of the manufacturer’s design?  Engineering is not about doing things differently, it is about taking known ideas, eliminating unwanted variables, and achieving a known good result.  This is what we do.