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For Clinical and Research Pathology/Histology Specimen Preparation Instrumentation

Nitro Biomedical’s mission is to bring confidence to your laboratory equipment by repairing and performing the appropriate protocols to ensure that your equipment is up and running again in a timely manner. But worry not – there’s a lot more we do, too! Our focus is on Histology Equipment, Pathology Equipment, Refrigeration, and Microscopes. Contact us and we’ll solve any problem you might be having.



Mutuality is a keystone for any business relationship. An important ingredient in mutuality is trust. We want customers to understand that our help has their best interest in mind, no loose ends or tricks.



Integrity is the alignment between what one says and what one does, one whose core is built with strong principles. We guarantee our work is done to the utmost and that we communicate honestly and concisely before and after the job.


We care about a customer’s well-being—but this is not a singular contract. What we do helps this community and helps others help this community. When a cog halts, we’ll be there to fix it.



Loyalty goes hand-in-hand with our other values. At Nitro, we whole-heartedly pledge ourselves to doctors, staff, and researchers; those who make tomorrow possible for so many.


Nitro Biomedical takes pride in creating and maintaining a service partnership with its customers. Nitro takes the lead in superior diagnostics and repair with lower out of pocket costs. Relying on Nitro is a guarantee that your equipment is working to the best of its ability. We cover Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.


We purchase used equipment

What our Customers are saying

"Eugene at Nitro LLC provides exceptional service. He is knowledgeable on all our histo equipment and fixes the issue the first time. Eugene also takes the time to explain the issue and points other wear/tear items which are nearing end-of-use and will need to be replaced at next PM or sooner. Our downtime has been reduced greatly since working with Nitro LLC to proactively service our microtomes and processors. He beats the quality and pricing of our other service company."
Tony B.
St. Joseph Mercy Oakland