At Nitro, our mission is to bring confidence to your laboratory. Service is a product and at Nitro, we provide that. However, we also provide confidence—that there not only is a solution and that it is achievable but, more importantly, that after our service, a client’s equipment is functioning at full capacity. At our company, every individual is empowered to find the solution that benefits them best. Client and vendor alike ought to feel secure in their relations with Nitro and feel their problem is a fix away. Confidence is a necessity in keeping a business operable, and Nitro is here to make sure that confidence is strong.

When a piece of equipment does fail and we are called to serve, we ask three important questions:

  • How was our customer impacted?
  • Can we offer immediate relief?
  • Once restored, is our customer satisfied?

Once the call is made, we offer immediate access to a Service Engineer a client can trust and one who will finish the job quickly. The engineer troubleshoots the problem, identifies what works (and what doesn’t), then makes the appropriate corrections, either through repair or replacement. More often than not, an Engineer will have a piece of equipment up and running within the day.

We’re confident that we can solve your problems. Contact us and enjoy that confidence too!

As a Service Partner, we intend to maintain a relationship where both parties are benefitted. Do you have old equipment? We’ll purchase it! Do you have the engineer, but not the parts? We can supply those! These are just examples of prior work we have done before—every customer is different, but at Nitro, we can handle different.


For our founder Eugene Lipow, time in the military instilled a sense of duty, dedication, and the inherent need to help people. Now, thirty years later, he feels the exact same way. Through years of working alongside fellow technicians, he finally opened his own business, intending to support the field of Anatomic Pathology—Nitro Biomedical, a company founded with the goal to support those who support others.

“No problems can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”– Albert Einstein

Our perspective on business is that there is always an aspect of unknown. We need to look beyond the surface of problems and create a diagnostic approach before attempting to repair. Not every “normal” problem with equipment arrives from the same set of failures. In the video below, Eugene Lipow explains the philosophy that sets us apart. You can also find the video on our YouTube page or our Histo Media Page.


“Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity.”-Hippocrates


Nitro wants to be a service partner you rely on for all your Histology and Pathology Repairs and Preventative Maintenance needs. Our coverage areas are Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.