At Nitro, confidence is the philosophy that sets us apart. Service is a product. But at Nitro, where we take Anatomic Pathology seriously, we provide more than just a product. We provide Confidence. Confidence that not only is there a solution, but that it’s achievable. Here, we have a simple, two-step formula: 1) we focus on what we Can achieve, and 2) we seek solutions or alternatives that Do solve the problems. And that’s the “Can-Do” that sets Nitro apart from the other firms!

At our company, every member is empowered to find that “Yes” that we can achieve, a “Yes” that will make everyone, from customer to vendor, happy. But as stated before, we instill another important feeling: Confidence. Of course, we always assume one has confidence, but when something falters, that confidence can crack. Here, we mend that foundation by keeping in mind three important factors: 1) how was our customer impacted and can we offer immediate relief? 2) Fixing the problem (the “Can-Do” in action), and 3) with the catalyst rectified, is our customer’s confidence fully restored? Let’s break this down.

How do we reduce the negative impact on the customer when confidence needs to be restored? First, we reduce the hurdles a customer must jump over to acquire service, giving them immediate access to a Service Engineer they can trust. Second, we reduce all road blocks that impede the time to react to a problem. Some customers desire a P.O. so that THEY may allocate funds—others do not. Each customer is unique, and at Nitro we’ll respect any customer’s desires.

Fixing the problem requires knowledge and access to several issues. We trend a part’s usage, what parts are required, and work to secure these parts. Our trained staff will arrive in a flash and provide any assistance necessary. We seek to troubleshoot the problem, to identify what works and what doesn’t. Then we make corrections, either through repair or replacement. We apply the Five Whys of problem solving: Why did it break? Was it caused by how it was used? If so, why is it being used in that manner? Is this a work around for another problem? Are the consumables used made to the expectations of the manufacturers design? Because when one thing is affected, everything else usually is as well. 

And finally, did we fully restore a customer’s confidence? Again, every customer is unique, but based on client feedback, we usually hit it out of the park! However, if anything else is awry, never hesitate to give us a call.

At Nitro we believe that engineering is about taking known ideas, eliminating unwanted variables, and achieving a known result. We’re confident we can solve your problems, let’s see if we can share that confidence with you. 


From an early age, our founder, Eugene Lipow knew that he was destined to create a business that revolved around benevolence to society. Time in the military instilled a sense of duty and dedication, the inherent need to help people, and now, twenty years later, he feels the exact same way. Through trial and error and years of learning, he finally created Nitro Biomedical with the distinct intention of supporting the field of Anatomic Pathology. 

“No problems can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”– Albert Einstein

Our perspective on business is that there is always an aspect of unknown. We need to look beyond the surface of problems and create a diagnostic approach before attempting to repair. Not every “normal” problem with equipment arrives from the same set of failures. In the video below, Eugene Lipow explains the philosophy that sets us apart. You can also find the video on our YouTube page or our Histo Media Page.


“Healing is a matter of time, but sometimes it is also a matter of opportunity.”-Hippocrates

Everyone has a niche in the medical ecosystem. The researchers study, the doctors assist in healing, and Nitro services.

We at Nitro want to be the service partner you rely on for all your Histology and Pathology equipment repair and preventative maintenance needs. Our coverage areas are Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana.