Nitro Biomedical has again partnered with Kairos Holistic Wellness, and will be supporting one another at the Spring 2019 Michigan Society of Histotechnologists. This partnership is deeply rooted by a common mission of wellness at the cellular level. Being a support specialist in the field of histotechnology, the core mission of working with the structure of cells and their formation into tissues and organs is a natural meeting point for the approaches taken by both technology and holistic healing.


Histology focuses on the microscopic structure of tissue, i.e. diagnostics for patient care. Ultimately, we, Nitro Biomedical, support anyone or anything that supports patient care, health, and well-being.

– Eugene Lipow, founder of Nitro Biomedical

Nitro Biomedical founder, Eugene Lipow, along with Douglas Runyon of Stat Lab, will be presenting, “Time Is Money,” a 30 minute lecture on cutting cost in the Laboratory at the 2019 MSH Spring Symposium.  Mr. Runyon will present of cost saving consumables choices, while Mr. Lipow focuses on daily maintenance of microtomes, and basic refrigeration understanding, with a focus on maintaining the longevity of refrigerated devices in the laboratory.  Their presentation will be June 1st. 

MSH 2019 Spring Symposium

Event info:
May 31 – June 1, 2019
Comfort Inn & Suites Hotel and Conference Center
2424 S Mission St
Mt Pleasant, MI 48858